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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Paraments Color Lutheran and Its Meaning

In many Churches, paraments have been used to signify the current Church Season. At the present time, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Roman and Anglican churches in the United States and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada have already developed a unified system of colors used for vestments and paraments. This development has paved way in the use of paraments color Lutheran.

Churchgoers Paraments Color Lutheran
The colors of the paraments and vestments used in a Church both symbolize the current Church season and also imply the type of Church celebration. The paraments used in a church include the altar cloth, pulpit cloth, lectern cloth and the other decorative pieces of cloth found inside the church. Most commonly the paraments come with respective colors which serve to adorn the worship space and to call attention to the nature of the liturgical season that is being celebrated. Thus, the paraments color Lutheran is a manifestation of the Liturgical season that is celebrated.

Various paraments are used in different areas in the church. Each of the paraments carries a symbolism. Moreover, the colors of the paraments that are used in various Churches change from a liturgical season to the other. Here are the various liturgical seasons and religious celebrations and the respective paraments color Lutheran that should be used and their meanings: 
  • Advent- Blue paraments are used during this season. Blue is used for its references to hope. During Advent, purple paraments may be used as an alternate color which means the royal color of the coming.
  • Christmas- As reference to the purity of the newborn Christ and to show our joy in His coming, white paraments are used during this celebration.
  • Sundays after the Epiphany- Green is used for its symbolism f people’s growth in Christ. Green is a neutral color which is used when more festive color is not appointed.
  • Ash Wednesday- Black paraments are preferably used during this Season. Black is the color of the ashes to which all people will return.

  • Lent- Purple is used during this time since it signifies repentance and solemnity.
  • Good Friday- No vestments or paraments are used during this day after the stripping of the altar on Maundy Thursday night.
  • Easter Day- Gold may be used during this one special of the church year. Gold paraments indicate that this day is the queen of all feasts.
  • Day of Pentecost- Red is used during this day to remember the tongues of fire that descended on the crowd in Jerusalem. 
  • The Holy Trinity- To show the expression of joy in the mystery of the Triune God, white paraments are appointed during the celebration.
  • Reformation- During the Reformation Day, red paraments are used.
In many Churches, paraments play a vital role in the celebration of the mass. Paraments do not only serve as pieces of clothing that are hanged on the walls, embellished on the altar and decorated in different sides of the church but it also signifies the Liturgical season of the congregation. So when you’re looking for the best paraments available for you church’s use, visit and be amazed with the designs of the paraments. The site offers paraments of different colors that will surely suit all the Liturgical seasons and religious celebrations.

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